The story Skyrim deserves.

Skyrim: Extended Cut, releasing 2023, is an upcoming mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that overhauls the game's main storyline, adding new quests, choices, challenges and characters.


Better story.
Better features.
Better Skyrim.

Expanded Questline

Play through an overhauled, refreshed main questline with over 40 total quests to experience.

Choices & Challenges

Experience a story that changes based on your decisions, and enjoy custom bosses and encounters.

Advanced Companions

Get to know a cast of companion characters to build a rapport with throughout your journey.

Seamless Experience

Extended Cut's lore-friendly writing and compatible implentation fits perfectly into the world of Tamriel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help you?

When is the mod coming out?

We are expecting to release the mod sometime in 2023; due to the all-volunteer nature of the project we can't offer concrete release dates.

What platforms will be supported?

Currently, support is planned for PC Special and Anniversary Edition, and Xbox One. Other platforms are still being tested and discussed. PlayStation 4 will not be supported.

Will this mod break my game?

Probably not. Extended Cut is built to achieve as much compatibility as possible with other mods; specific compatibility documentation will be made available over time.

What requirements will there be to use Skyrim EC?

A legal copy of Skyrim for the given platform. No third-party mods, including SKSE, will be required. The Unofficial Patch is recommended, but not necessary.

When do the story changes start? Do I need to start a new save file?

Extended Cut starts affecting the storyline shortly after you leave Hadvar or Ralof's house in Riverwood. You will need a new save file to safely play Extended Cut.

Does Skyrim EC cover guilds or other questlines?

The core mod, planned for 2023, covers the Dragon Crisis main quest storyline. Potential addons for the civil war, College of Winterhold, Companions, and Dawnguard stories are being planned for later releases.

Is Skyrim EC "lore-friendly?"

Yes. We're committed to keeping the mod entirely lore-friendly, though like almost all other quest mods we will be creatively interpreting certain aspects of the lore for the sake of storytelling.

Is Skyrim EC "safe for work"?

While we don't recommend playing Skyrim at work (unless you're Todd Howard), the mod by itself is similar to vanilla in terms of "content rating", which isn't generally considered NSFW. There will be no explicit sexual content and fairly minimal foul language in the mod. We are not responsible for the content of third-party addon mods made by other users.

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